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Maurice Tricarico Jr. 
Phone: 954-540-5773

Information Technology Consultant 
Moemoney Computer Services,
1440 Coral Ridge Drive
Coral Springs, FL  33071

1/1/98 to Date (PT)  President, founder of Moemoney providing affordable, scalable consulting to small business and individuals on blending information technology with marketing methodologies to enhance their profitability.  Identify, quantify, and ascertain corporate & individual client goals.  Analyze current corporate operating system & propose customized, pragmatic solutions/improvements. Establish timelines/mileposts/metrics demonstrating improvements to the client, corroborate by objective measurements, maximize revenues & minimize expenditures.
  Refine client objectives, recommend marketing strategies, calculate ROI and suggest modifications to marketing tactics. Implement system enhancements, test the system modifications and analyze the corporate/individual client operating environment insuring successful systemic modifications have promoted the desired outcome.
  Develop multimedia-marketing campaigns within the client budget plan. Assess all venues (internet, email, direct mail, telemarketing, print ads etc.) for the most cost effective diversified marketing vehicles.  Conduct cost/benefit projections, make recommendations to clients on their marketing investments to sustain campaigns.
  Design/create databases, design/create Internet web home pages, develop/produce Internet marketing plans, infuse appropriate information technology (IT) applications into the organization.  Frequently developed direct mail and telemarketing campaigns using unique databases and merge mail formulas for various clients. 
  Designed, created, deployed and manage home pages for clients such as:
Larry Marano, professional photographer (
Trenton Ford New Holland,  construction equipment dealorship (,
Jersey Shore Artists, paintings and objects of art from the NJ shore (
Let's Talk Trade! sales/trades of vehicles, boats, planes, real estate (
Arlington Capital Mortgage Corp., mortgages (
Sierra Packaging Inc., plastics BtoB (
Moemoney Computer Services (,
Princeton Estates, real estate; Obsession, the band; Mimie Langlois,art gallery; and
Genesis Investments, financial investment counseling
  Provide Information Technology  “Help Desk?customer support to managers, employees and partners on:
MS Office suite, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS FrontPage, MS Outlook, MS Publisher, MS Internet Explorer, Ashton-Tate dBaseIII, Harvard Graphics, Netscape Navigator, HTML, Java, Javascript,  CGI scripting, Lotus  ccMail, Lotus 1-2-3, Novell Networks, Banyan Vines Networks, Systems Administration, Internet/Worldwide Web apps & technologies, sound/video multimedia web applications, image scanning.

Marketing Manager
Arlington Capital Mortgage Corp (ACMC)
2 Greenwood Sq, Bensalem, Pa. 19020

6/1/91 to 12/31/97 (PT) Develop traditional and innovative media sales strategies.  Initiate “out of the box thinking?to accelerate new account generation.  Direct, deploy and monitor sales campaigns.  Effectively manage new and existing accounts through an exceptional competency in information technological applications. 
   Lead procurement, database development, prospective client targeting, client acquisition, client retention, distribution, tracking and results analysis (ROI) of marketing campaigns. Design and create unique databases permitting recording of marketing campaign statistics. Marketing databases incorporate elements such as: total cost, total number of targets, number of responses, number applications taken, timeliness of corporate actions at various mileposts, diary notices, report generation of individual lead sheets for loan officers, report generation of summary reports for loan officers & senior management, cost per lead and ROI per lead plus recommendations.
  Representative notable achievement was direct mail campaigns.  Assessed market environment and formulated profile of prospective client most likely to desire a mortgage.  Identified available companies offering salient data (mortgage related info, name, address etc.). Reviewed database providers capabilities & selected provider best suited to supplying potential clients representative of my profile. Planned database & merge mail formula directed at these profiled leads. Obtained raw data from the database provider designed and then created a database.  Programmed database to calculate the homeowner current P&I & calculate new P&I offered by ACMC.  Composed MS Word form merging with MS Access data producing a personalized marketing letter to the homeowner showing his current loan amount, date of purchase, monthly P&I, vs. new offered monthly P&I, the monthly & annual savings attributable to refinancing.  This personalized marketing letter with a loan profile produced qualified leads, generated a high lead response rate and increased the sales success ratio.  Designed, created, deployed, and manage the home page for ACMC (

Telephone Sales Representative 
Hydro Green, 
Steamboat Rd., Warminster Pa.
12/90 to 5/31/91 (PT) Telephone sales of lawn maintenance services

Telephone Sales Representative 
ICT Group, 
800 Town Center Dr., Langhorne, Pa.
11/1/89 to 11/30/90 (PT) Telephone sales of financial services, insurance and customer care.  

Management Analyst
HQ US Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM)
Miami, Florida

12/7/00 to Date (Full Time)

Program Analyst  
U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command, 
Ft. Monmouth, N.J. 

3/26/89 to 12/6/00  (Full Time) Principal purpose is evaluating, developing, and providing recommendations to improve the management of complex operating programs or systems.  Currently assessing the Force Management Program.  Previously responsible for the Management Control Program and the Total Quality Management Program.  The Force Management Program insures that the command manpower levels of nearly 8,000 personnel is appropriately increased or decreased to match annual fluctuating budgetary allocations for a payroll of $550,000,000.   Successfully fulfill diverse program objectives by supporting and sustaining various management initiatives.  Formulate individualized plans for program maintenance, program enhancement, measure program progress and present conclusions or recommendations.  Utilize statistical standards, techniques and database management to discern & then report on the effectiveness of programs. Fully comprehend, develop & implement solutions by using my competency in the most current information technology applications such as: MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS FrontPage, MS Outlook, MS Publisher, MS Internet Explorer, dBaseIII, Netscape Navigator, HTML, CGI scripting, Lotus  ccMail, Lotus 1-2-3, Novell Networks, Banyan Vines Networks, Internet/Worldwide Web applications.  Conduct reviews and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data procured from Army organizations.  Evaluate the performance, progress, status and trends of offices against their mission.  These evaluations include analysis of the utilization of resources, changes in operating conditions and identification of  significant developments restraining goal accomplishment.  Conduct briefings of findings to the principal management officials and to the Commanding General and Staff.  Uniquely twice awarded the prestigious honor of “Employee of the Quarter?representative of my recognized achievements.

U.S. Dept. of Labor, 
Employment Standards Administration, N.Y., N.Y.

4/13/86 to 3/25/89 (Full Time)  Developed and implemented a broad program of  investigations to protect the integrity of the Workers' Compensation Program, especially against fraud.  Contacted federal, state and municipal agencies, private employers, lending institutions, medical facilities and insurance companies for enforcement, verification and compliance with pertinent U.S. codes.  Reported resultant findings to begin, continue and conclude criminal/civil prosecution or administrative action. Assisted the Dept. of Justice in case preparation, presentation to the Federal Grand Jury including testimony before appropriate courts or juries. Provided technical assistance by initiating and delivering educational programs for federal employees and non-federal participating groups throughout the U.S. and territories (Public Relations Specialist)

Operations Manager

U.S. Dept. of Labor, 
Employment Standards Administ
ration, N.Y., N.Y.

10/3/82 to 4/12/86  (Full Time) Directed the Branch of Fiscal Administration, Branch of Claims Services and Technical Assistance Programs.  Initiated personnel recruitment, promotions and job classifications through two subordinate supervisors.  Independently established the objectives of the three divisions and forty member staff which included: The annual disbursement of $96,000,000 in compensation payments, coordinated Fiscal Division activities ensuring accurate/timely payment of compensation to medical providers and claimants, analyzed computerized medical bill paying and reallocated resources for improved benefits delivery.

Technical Assistant/Claims Examiner  U.S. Dept. of Labor, Employment Standards Administration, N.Y., N.Y.

2/12/78 to 10/2/82
(Full Time) Public Relations, training of employees/managers, administration of benefits

Adjudicator  U.S. Veterans Administration, 
N.Y., N.Y.
9/5/74 to 2/11/78 (Full Time) Administration of benefits


    9/8/74    M.A. NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science; 3.56 QPA
    6/25/73   B.S. USMMA Kings Point, New York; Graduated 43rd in class

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