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Pricing begins at $750 for a basic web package.

In addition, recurring costs include domain name acquisition and a web hosting fee which are additional costs of approximately $75/year and  $30/month respectively. A complete statement of work (SOW) will be prepared enumerating all work to be performed.  The SOW will be sent to you for review and concurrence to insure all your needs are satisfied.
In addition to the fee, the client agrees he will always and forever display on each footer of each page of the web site MOEMONEY name, current email and phone number as the webmaster who designed, developed and installed the pages.

Additional fees will be based on Cost Plus an hourly rate of $ 75 per hour. Pricing includes such services as shopping cart, database integration, direct marketing, computer training or onsite technical assistance

Additional details:
After we receive your inquiry we will contact you and schedule a conference at your convenience.  When we meet then we will discuss your plans and intentions.  We will develop a statement of work (SOW) enumerating specific items to be developed and delivered.  We will itemize any additional limited variable, recurring cost services selected.  When you sign the contract and remit a 50% payment of the total cost, we will begin the work. The balance of the payment is due upon completion of the SOW. 

Additional details on websites:
Website development includes wide array of elements for entry to the internet. We will eliminate estimating the cost of construction by providing a firm price to you. If you are on a strict budget for your venture then this enables accurate cost forecasting to determine the return on your investment. We will identify fixed one-time costs and variable, recurring cost services.

Whether you want assistance with web pages, database integration, direct marketing, computer applications, PC training, computer help desk or onsite technical assistance, we can design an individually tailored program providing solutions.
  Our approach is to meet with you determine the specifics of your needs.   Afterwards we will then provide you with a written proposal enumerating our services with detailed explanations and pricing. The objectives of our plan will be clearly given in simple straightforward language.  You will also receive a precise forecast of our fees.  Taken in concert (objectives and fees) you will realize the low cost benefits of acquiring our services to increase your profits.

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